Accommodation offers

Note: Everything ordered through Hans Olav Lahlum, preferably together with your entry. Probably it will be advantagous to order the accomodation quite early.

Thon Hotel Gjøvik,
Strandgata in the Gjøvik town centre, main arena for the festival.
Prices with breakfast: Single room 715 NOK, double room 990 NOK, 3-bed room 1185 NOK.
Breakfast served until 11 o'clock.

Quality Grand Hotel Gjøvik,
also very central in town, 300 meters from Thon Hotel.
Prices with breakfast: Single room 705 NOK, double room 950 NOK, 3-bed room 1100 NOK, 4-bed room 1300 NOK

Hovdetun Gjøvik Vandrerhjem (Youth Hostel),
also modern standards, 2 kilometers from Thon Hotel, nicely positioned nearby cross country trails and a small downhill slope.
Prices with breakfast: Single room with bath 695 NOK, double room with bath 820 NOK, 4-bed appartments from 1200 NOK (950 NOK without breakfast), 6-bed appartments from 1500 NOK (1200 NOK without breakfast).