The Anniversary Tournament B
(Open FIDE rating Swiss)

December 29th – January 7th

Updated pairings and results at the TournamentService site.

An open tournament for all players with FIDE-rating up to 2100 or no FIDE rating. The tournament will count for both FIDE-rating and Norwegian rating. It is played over 9 rounds using the FIDE-Swiss system, from December 29th to January 7th. One round per day except at the free day Saturday January 3rd, when it's possible to participate in the Open Norwegian Rapid-chess Championship.
The tournament will be played at the Thon Hotel Gjøvik.

Time limits:

40 moves in 2 hours, then 1 hour to finish the game. (In total 6 hours).


No. 1-4 gets: Euro 600 – 350 – 200 – 150, plus 100 Euro to the best player in each of the rating groups 1750-1999, 1500-1749, 1250 – 1499 and under 1250.

Book prizes etc. for the other ¼ best players in each rating class; master class (rating above 2000), class 1 (1750-1749), class 2 (1500-1749), class 3 (1250-1499), class 4 (1000-1249) and class 5 (rating below 1000).

Starting fee:

40 Euro for players with FIDE-Elo of at least 2000, 70 Euro for players with FIDE-Elo of 1600 - 1999, 85 Euro for all other players. There is a discount of 15 Euro for juniors born 1988 or later, a discount of 30 Euro for those born in 1995 or later.

Rating calculated after the tournament:

NameClubNew rating
Bjørgvik Jan ArneVerdal1747
Hoem Tor WetleMolde1787
Skage Øystein AagedalBergens1736
Løberg Jo KristianOSS1688
Eriksen MagnusMo1560
Sjøl HenrikAkademisk1753
Lahlum Ida19111507
Thingstad AndersHønefoss1796
Moberg Jan RuneFollo1443
Solli OddvarVoss1613
Hagen Per AndersVerdal1522
Høva FrodeFollo1511
Heggum Tore JLillestrøm1420
Mottang HaraldStjernen1332
Wasenius ThomasMoss1194
Kristiansen ReidarHamar1189
Torgersen EricKristiansand1139
Leite SteinarModum1165
Lien Kjell HåkonHønefoss1033
Thingstad TormodHønefoss949
Auke MorthenKonnerud981
Haug JohannesNordstrand1201
Lien JohanHønefoss783