Press information

We welcome the press to come and work here at the 100th-year celebration of Gjøvik Sjakklubb, one of the biggest and most important chess events in Norway. Professional press is of course always welcome to visit or just make contact.

Magnus Carlsen's duels with other world stars in the speed chess event Aker Chess Challenge on his home ground is obviously receiving a lot of attention. However, much of the good material can also be found from the bigger picture, the battles between professionals and amateurs, with players from 19 nations from the USA to India and from all over Norway.

Would you like to receive news-bulletins by email?

We will post daily news-bulletins, usually updated with the latest information, to the media throughout the festival from the 29th of December to the 7th of January. Please contact us to join this mailing list.

When you visit, please do not forget that chess is a mind-sport where concentration is vital, so there'll be limitations to what's possible to photograph and film in a disturbing way, especially using flash and artificial lighting.

Press accreditation for the playing areas.

We wish to equip accredited journalists and photographers with a small sign to ensure you get to do your job efficiently. Communicate in advance with Øystein Brekke (chairman of the organizing committee and press contact) by email or mobile phone +47 91 18 91 90, or show up early at the festival office on the 2nd floor of Thon Hotel Gjøvik, where there's also access by stairs directly up from Gjøvik cinema where Aker Chess Challenge is held.

Rules for photography and filming.

Photography and filming during play is only allowed when following the organizers rules and directions, and in a way that doesn't disturb players or audience unduly .

During the speed chess tournament Aker Chess Challenge in Gjøvik cinema, filming and photography with flash/artificial lights is only allowed inside the playing hall for a maximum of ten minutes after the games have started. On stage in Gjøvik cinema filming and photography is only allowed for accredited photographers and only during the first five minutes of each round.

In the Anniversary tournament in Thon Hotel Gjøvik and other tournaments during the festival, photography and filming with flash/artificial lights is allowed in the playing halls for a maximum of the first 15 minutes of each round.

Press conferences

During the main event Aker Chess Challenge with Magnus Carlsen & co in Gjøvik cinema, we will be holding daily press conferences:

  • Thursday January 1st around 1950: Relating to the opening, just after drawing of start-numbers.
  • Friday January 2nd at 1550: After the first day (1st and 2nd round)
  • Saturday January 3nd at 1550: After the second day (3rd and 4th round)
  • Sunday January 4th at 1700: After the third day (5th and 6st round)
  • Monday January 5th at 1550: After the final and bronze final

The four players participating in the speed chess event Aker Chess Challenge, Magnus Carlsen, Peter Svidler (Russia), Hikaru Nakamura (USA) and Kjetil A. Lie, will be present at each press conference, toghether with the audience master commentator of the day and representatives of the organizers.

We will keep these press conferences open for the public, though accredited press will receive priority.