Gjøvik Grand Prix (Group A)

December 29th - January 2nd

Updated pairings and results are available on the TournamentService site.

Open tournament for all players with rating of 1250 or above. Played over 5 rounds between December 29th and January 2nd using Norwegian Monrad (a Scandinavian Swiss system). Ideal for anyone not able to participate through to the end of the festival. Easy to combine with participation in the Open Norwegian Rapid-chess Championship and for watching the Super rapid tournament Aker Chess Challenge.
The tournament will be reported to and qualifies for FIDE-rating, and is part of the Norwegian Youth Hostels Grand Prix (NVGP), classes master, 1 and 2.

Time limits:

30 moves in 1½ hour, then 1 hour more to finish the game. (In total 5 hours).


No. 1-3 gets: NOK 2400 – 1600 – 1000, plus NOK 800 to the best in each of the two rating groups 1750-1999, and under 1750. Book prizes etc for the other ¼ best players in each rating class over 2000, 1750-1999 and under 1750.

Rating calculated after the tournament:

NameClubNew rating
Martinsen Stig K.Bergens2108
Hegelund Ole JakobTrondheim1431
Barane SimonSandnes1403
Aagedal Geir O.Bergens1490
Tari AryanAsker1708
Henriksen Morten JoachimMolde1976
Paulsen Stig-AtleModum1421
Skogli PerGjøvik1400
Mathisen RunarNordstrand1685
Hoel JørgenBergens1432
Kjøita Leif19111240
Taube Gregor19111618
Brix JanCaissa1421
Aarnes Carl ChristianNordstrand1597
Andersen GuttormStjernen1557
Friberg Reid ErikPorsgrunn1349
Nygaard TimmieCaissa1767
Carlsen Ingrid ØenNTG1491
Jacobsen TrondBodø1318
Holm Kristian StuvikHamar1630
Kjøita Henning19111537
Fosdahl Bjørn WStjernen1643