Gjøvik Children's Grand Prix (BGP) 2009, Friday January 2nd

The results from Gjøvik Children's Grand Prix 2008 og Gjøvik Children's Grand Prix 2009.

The first tournament in the Children's Grand Prix 2009 is played Friday January 2nd in Quality Grand Hotel Gjøvik, over 5 rounds with 15 minutes for each player per game. Pairing by Norwegian Monrad (a Scandinavian Swiss system).

Participants will be divided into the classes "mikroputt", "miniputt" and "lilleputt", for all players born respectively in 2000 and later, 1998 and later, and 1996 and later, plus one group for young "newcomers" who have played zero or just one tournament before.

Starting fee is 12 Euro, prizes to all.

Make the entry before Wednesday Dec. 31st at 15:00, or pay 5 Euro extra for late admission.

Registration Jan. 2nd at 08:30 – 09:15 (latest attendance). 1. round starts at 09:30. Prizegiving at around 12:45.

This is the first tournament in the Children's Grand Prix 2009! Participation requires membership in the Norwegian Youth Chess Association or other national chess federation of FIDE, but this can also be arranged on the spot.

Note: Participants in Gjøvik Children's Grand Prix 2009 will get free entrance on Friday to the 1st and 2nd round of the Super Rapid Chess Match with Magnus Carlsen & co in Gjøvik Cinema!