Note: Accommodation must be ordered through Hans Olav Lahlum.

Registration now also possible through TournamentService, except for the GM and Open Swiss tournaments where Hans Olav Lahlum must be contacted.


The Open Norwegian Rapid Chess Championship.

Rating Tournaments A + B.

Gjøvik Childrens Grand Prix 2008 (30. desember)
Gjøvik Childrens Grand Prix 2009 (2. januar)

Email or telephone:

All tournaments except Gjøvik Children Grand Prix.

Gjøvik Children Grand Prix 2008 + 2009.

New Year Party! (Read more here).

Festival office:
(From Dec. 29th at 11:00)

The Open Norwegian Rapid Chess Championship.

Late registration for the New Year Party, if places still available.

Lecture by Tiviakov.