GM Aloyzas Kveinys of Lithuania

(ELO 2533 – born 09.07.1962)


Not a kid star but still a promising junior, Lithuanian Aloyzas Kveinys was 30 when achieving his GM-title. Later playing tournaments “non stop” according to himself he has probably played a little bit too much for too long, as he despite a great chess intelligence so far remains a “solid” GM – circling between 2510 and 2565 for the last five years now.
Having a practical and pragmatic playing style somewhat comparable to Kulaots, jovial Kveinys is seldom trying hard to defeat opponents above his own ELO. Instead he usually makes a solid plus score against opponents below 2400 – and is very difficult to defeat for everyone below 2650 at least. To illustrate this, Kveinys so far has played more than 50 rated games in Norway with only one loss! (Stubborn rumours claiming that he has never been beaten in Norway are hereby refuted, although it is true he has never lost to any man in Norway… Kveinys did lose to the Polish chess lioness Joanna Dworakowska in a little known first round Gausdal game 23.04.2006!) A well known member of the Moss team for many years, Kveinys is this season their team captain in the Norwegian league, and among his best results from 2008 counts first place from the GM Swiss group of Gausdal Classics 2008. It will be very excited to see whether his undefeated Norwegian record from the last years can survive this tournament. Playing first board for Lithuania in the Olympics of this year, Kveinys landed on 4.0/11 with a slightly disappointing performance just below 2500 – but still lost to only one opponent below 2600.

Text: Hans Olav Lahlum