GM Vadim Malakhatko of Belgium

(ELO 2633 - born 22.03.1977)

(Foto: Bjørn Berg Johansen ©)

Born and raised in Ukraine, Malakhatko achieved his GM title aged 22 in 1999. Later on he played for the Ukrainian team which in 2001 finished third in the Olympics and won the world championship. Malakhatko and his wife Anna Zozulia now are living in Belgium, but apparently spend most of their time travelling around in other European countries to play tournaments.
Having increased steadily from a 2500-level five years ago, Malakhatko although still a bit unstable seems having stabilized above 2600 after winning a number of Swiss tournaments the last years. Undisputedly the strongest player of Belgium, he decided not to play the Olympics this year. Making “an average result” with 6.5/9 and a performance just above 2600 Malakhatko much enjoyed his first visit to Norway during the Tromso tournament this summer, and was happy to return for a second first place try at Gjovik.

Text: Hans Olav Lahlum