GM Boris Savchenko of Russia

(ELO 2648 – born 10.07.1986)


Being 22 and representing a federation in which it is extremely difficult to win a place in the national team, Boris Savchenko does not yet have many merits to show up from international championships. He is however an outstanding young talent very likely to get such merits within a few years time. Having achieved his GM title in 2007 Savchenko has been a hot chess comet in the summer months of 2008 – increasing his ELO from 2578 in July until 2648 in October, following many and strong tournament results.
Among his best results from 2008 are first place in the Moscow Championship, second place in the Russian cup, and shared first in the Danish GM tournaments Politiken and Bornholm. An ambitious player winning many attacking games, he is obviously eager for another top prize when playing his first tournament in Norway.

Text: Hans Olav Lahlum